Call Us: 306-586-8811, ext. 211

Karl Schubach
Owl Manager
Karl's been with the Owl for roughly 7 years and was promoted to the position of Owl Manager in January 2017. He's had plenty of work experience in the restaurant, bar, and music industry. A musician and former lead-singer of Misery Signals, Karl's main rides are a Corvette or a skateboard. Reach out to Karl for questions or comments about the Owl, or if you want to make a table reservation.
Kitchen Manager
Events Manager
Tyler Gelsinger
Kitchen Supervisor
Tyler is a dessert master who has worked his way up the foodchain at the Owl. Now he helps crank out catering orders while keeping the line on-point.

Hours of Operation

Actual hours may vary greatly, depending on volume of business and special event bookings.

Typical Fall/Winter

Monday to Thursday 11am – 11pm
Friday 11am – 2am
Saturday Brunch 11am – 6pm
Sunday  Open on occasion for special events

Typical Spring/Summer

Monday to Friday 11am – 8pm
Saturday & Sunday Open on occasion for special events